The Check Up is a project created by Amy Thibodeau. It was created as a way to stay connected and make space for meaningful conversations with people from the UX community, wherever they are while we all grapple with the reality of COVID19. 

Conversations won't be recorded, but summaries including who participated and links to information and resources will be shared via a weekly email newsletter. Subscribe to receive the Weekly Check Up email

How it works

We'll host a live weekly conversation with people from the UX industry to talk about how people are coping. Each week we'll welcome between 3 and 5 different people from the UX community who will join remotely for a conversation from wherever they are in the world. Up to 150 people will be able to register to watch the live conversation, ask questions of the panelists, and chat with others viewers in the chat room. 

What to expect

We’re not going to talk about remote desk set ups or how to be more productive while working from home, we’re just going to talk about how we’re coping and go in whatever direction that takes us. Expect to hear conversations about how people are staying sane, what they're reading, watching or listening to, how they're connecting with other humans, and how they're feeling.

How to register

Conversations will happen every Friday come rain or shine at noon Eastern Standard Time (EST). That's 9am in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and 4pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). We're limiting the number of participants to 150 people to keep the size manageable and the scale somewhat intimate. 

We'll announce the speakers for the week every Monday at noon EST and we'll open up 150 spots for that week's session. At that time, you'll be able to visit this website and checkout to secure a free spot. You'll receive an email with details about how to join the conversation and a prompt for topics you want to hear about. There's no charge to attend or participate. 

Register to receive The Weekly Checkup, an email newsletter announcing that week's speakers along with an update about the previous week's discussion. Your email address and personal information will not be shared with any third party or used for any purposes other than to send you our weekly email. 

Why we ask for your address during check out

This is a current limitation with Shopify check out. Rest assured that your address won't be used for anything. If you're worried, you can put Test in the address field. Please ensure you use a correct email address because that's where we'll send information about how to tune into the weekly panel. 

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